G&F Châtelain claims strong values ​​defended by all our employees. We have thus a healthy and harmonious working environment

  • Our Engagements

    We attach a great importance in our employees' integration and we focus on a warm welcome. The well-being of women and men who make live our company is at the core of our priorities.

    Our factory appreciates and encourages the participation of everyone. All proposals are analyzed and are subject to a feedback, the aim is to achieve the most relevants. We can now make the connection with another important element in our factory : the respect. This is an imperative and central value to the proper functioning of a group. We refer to respect for others, but also for oneself, the equipment and the environment.

    Humility is an important and representative character trait of our teams. It allows everyone to express their point of view and the synergy of the group takes advantage over individuality.

    Honesty is also a quality of which we are proud. It allows us to maintain long term quality relationships, either with colleagues or partners. It also participates in our search for excellence, as well as our ability to question ourselves and capitalize on our experiences.

    Finally, we identified internal communication as a key element for optimizing our performance. Indeed, whether to transmit or receive information, it is important to ensure that the purpose was well understood. Empathy is thus an important asset in these situations.

  • Recruitment process

    The recruitment process at G&F Châtelain is simple but complete.

    Each candidate has an interview to learn more about the company and the position. This meeting also aims to hear details about the candidate's career, personality and expectations.

    We invite then the chosen candidates for a day of scenario. This second meeting allows the candidate to discover the actual activities of the factory and missions that may be assigned. It is also an opportunity for him to assess his potential future work environment and to meet the teams. In parallel, this day allows us to check whether the candidate meets our expectations. The scenarios are meant constructively and are not a series of tests that would be succeeded or failed, but a "win-win" exchange. The way to approach these exercises outweighs the results.

    These steps allow both parts to have a maximum number of elements in hand to make their decisions. Upon assuming service, each employee makes a full tour of the company and has a structured integration. Once the trial period begins, realistic and motivating goals are set, monitored and evaluated.

  • Formative company

    Our society is positioned as a formative company to preserve and improve our know-how while participating in the training of the local population.

    Indeed, in order to sustain the know-how and provide the first work experience for young people of the region, we welcome apprentices and trainees. These future talents enjoy an optimum working environment and monitoring, with specific tasks and concrete projects.

    The formation of our employees is also important to optimize their performance and to meet their personal development needs. Whether it comes from an employee or his manager, each request is analyzed to develop an appropriate training. We also attach an importance at the training monitoring to ensure that they meet their different expectations and their added value is conclusive.

    Our quest for talents encourages us to rapidly propose positions for apprentices, trainees, temporary or fixed-term contracts when people demonstrate good skills. In parallel, we conduct regular monitoring of our employees to identify their career evolution wishes and to respond at best, especially when a new recruitment occurs.