Whether we talk about watches or jewellery, our priority is to satisfy our customers' requirements. To do this, we implement the skills and technologies best suited to achieve their ambitions.

We are also a wealth of experience in complementary areas and demanding such as medical devices, automotive and telephony.

Our listening allows us to guide and define the best expectations of our customers to create their products and ensure their sustainability.

  • Study and understand your ambitions and needs

    • First step

      When we receive a request, our Sales Director works, in collaboration with the client, on a specification to define the characteristics of the product such as all the sytle criteria (material, color, shape, etc..) and its functional elements. This document also summarizes the price, delays and forecast quantities desired.

      We undertake towards our clients only if we are certain to meet their requirements, respect all the specifications and ensure the sustainability of our products.

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      "First drawings of a new product"

    • Start of the project

      Upon approval, the Project Manager constitutes his team to consolidate technical, logistical, quality assurance and production skills. Our experts have the opportunity to make improvements in the project through their expertise.

      Project reviews are conducted regularly between the Technical Office and the Methods, the Industrialization and the Production. These reviews can anticipate anything that can disrupt the smooth running of the project.

      We design our projects bringing together the skills, tools and optimal processes.

      We look forward to each new project as they sharpen the potential for creativity and innovation of our employees.

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      "The Team project meets"

    • Realization of a model

      From a 2D sketch drawn by the client, our Design Department creates a 3D volume using CAD (Computer Aided Design). From this 3D design is crafted a resin model in few hours by rapid prototyping, for exemple stereolithography. These models allow the designer to understand the product esthetically and geometrically.

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      "Realisation from 2D in 3D"

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      "Prototype of "mitraillé" bracelet and watch case"

    • Last preparations

      Technology should serve the design and not the opposite.

      From the prototypes and specifications, the Technical Department realizes a technical folder and a functional analysis. These documents follow the product till the last step of its realization.


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      "Drawing plan and validation"

  • Realize and manage the quality to meet your requirements

    • The Industrialization

      When the manufacturing processes corresponding to the desired materials are selected and approved, the industrialization and the first production tests are performed. A pre-series is launched, validated and transferred to the Production Department.

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      "Machining tests for the new product"

    • The Manufacturing

      Industrial tool should not be an obstacle to the creative expression of our clients. To do this, we acquire modern, efficient and flexible production means to constantly provide greater freedom of realization.

      We procure technical means always ensuring that their application is a real improvement.

    • The Machining

      One of the strengths of our factory in terms of innovation is found in the machining of unconventional materials such as hard materials. Our equipment is carefully selected in order to handle these materials through various manufacturing processes such as stamping, milling, turning, grinding, injection, welding, etc..

      Machining the ceramic is a uncommon practice in Switzerland. The quality of these parts depends greatly on the raw material that is used. To ensure this practice, we control the entire production process : from the powder to the finished part.

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      "From raw material..."

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      "... to the final step"

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      "Mastery of the powder..."

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      "... and final control of the ceramic element"

    • The Setting

      Setting aims to decorate various works of fine or ornamental precious stones. This practice consists to set a stone on a metal frame and then folding a portion of this metal. This preparation process, which is long and with an absolute precision, is essential to give diamonds and gems their optimal brightness.

      However, it all starts with the choice of the stones. To do this, employees are based on criteria such as color, size, dimension, but also the origin of the stones. In fact, our house selects and buys all its stones directly and is regularly audited to meet the RJC agreement.

      To obtain the esthetic rendering desired by our clients, we master many methods of setting : claw, grain, in closed, invisible and snow.

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      "Diamonds ready to be set"

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      "Bezel being set"

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      "The Setting workshop"

    • The Finishing

      This important step will ennoble the manufactured component.

      Polishing is a generic term. There are several distinct phases that lead to a different visual result.

      • The first operations roughly eliminate the largest asperities.
      • The second step consists of polishing the pieces with fabric discs impregnated with abrasive paste.
      • A final finishing step, by hand, just make the final desired appearance.

      Here are some finishing techniques : satin, sunburst, sand blasting, etc.. We master and develop these techniques in order to provide the designer great freedom of choice.

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      "Polishing machines in bulk for the first phase"

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      "Polishing bulk bracelet links"

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      "Brightening or satin depending on desired rendering of the piece"

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      "Final polishing of a bezel"

  • Perpetuate the expertise and ensure your goals

    • Quality Control

      Our employees make a very strict control throughout the production chain. These multiple controls allow in particular to guarantee the dimensional, functional and esthetic aspects of our products. We also monitor the quality of raw materials, not only in our factory, but also among our partners.

      We submit our products to multiple tests to ensure their strength towards external aggressions, such as falls and chemical attacks. Our tests are constantly updated to be adapted to the changing environment of our products.

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      "The first controls are done in Production"

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      "Ceramic has a very specific control"

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      "Every step is carefully checked"

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      "Waterproof test of a watch case"

    • Specific means of control

      The integration of the business of metrologist allows us to have the mastery of the three-dimensional measurement tools and the development of specific means.

      We also appeal to independent laboratories specialized in very specific areas of expertise.

      All these means allow us to guarantee a product quality level that satisfies both clients requirements and applicable laws in the destination country of our products.

      We retain the necessary knowledges in manufacturing and maintenance processes. Manufacturing techniques evolve, but we are commited to reproduce the products identically.

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      "Dimensions' control by scanning"