Rapid prototyping technology, which enables the production of solids from a numerical model objects. The object is achieved by layering thin layers of material.

The ultraviolet laser beam polymerizes layer by layer a photoresist. The accuracy is +/- 1 micron for 1 mm.

Stereolithography associated with prototyping means offers significant advantages :

-   Validation of the digital file before before the making of mass production tools;
-   Rapid detection of style or functionality anomalies;
-   Ability to test different solutions in parallel;
-   Able to quickly show an outline of the product;
-   Introduce the toolmakers different components of the product for review and tools encryption;
-   Possibility by silicone molding and vacuum casting to obtain a series of polyurethane prototypes with characteristics similar to thermoplastics;
-   Possibility by sand foundry molding to obtain prototypes made ​​of aluminum alloy;
-   Possibility by silicone molding and wax injection to obtain, by lost-wax casting, steel prototypes;