Ceramics are mineral materials obtained when heated to an extreme temperature. We use a range of high-tech oxide-based elements, the properties of which transform it into a veritable precious material.

Its inalterability, high resistance and multible colors give our watches and jewelry an enduring elegance.

Our quest for premier quality requires mastery of every stage of manufacturing of ceramic components:  the elaboration of the base material, shaping, sintering, machining, polishing and finishing.

The extremely valuable and highly complex know-how of our craftmanship is a genuine lever of innovative development of our ceramic products.

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movement casing
Born from a tradition of watchmaking and jewelry expertise, our company’s core value is the deep appreciation of time.
Movement assembling
Like Haute Couture, G&F Chatelain watches are custom-made, manufactured according to the state-of-the-art rules of Haute Horlogerie.