The Quality Department plays a transversal role to ensure that the very highest standards in the industry are consistent throughout our production and services while controlling the cost of quality (COQ).

The Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) validates all raw materials, including components and cases.

Guardians of our high quality standards, Quality Assurance (QA) experts guide each team in the execution of each and every task, whether for development, production or improvement phases. They work closely with the metrology laboratory’s cutting-edge technologies to verify measurements, analyse each aspect such as three-dimensional machines, shock tests, accidental fall, pendulum sheep, UV enclosure, salt fog test, and aging benches. G&F Chatelain relies on two accredited partner laboratories for regulatory tests.

This approach and modern equipment allow us to make both functional and aesthetic products of superior quality as well as to meet societal and environmental standards.

Quality Assurance professionals ensure the highest of standards in all the company's activities, whether in the development, production, or continuous improvement phases.

The respect carried out for these criteria provides our customers with products of exceptional high quality, both functional and aesthetic.

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