A large number of employees are attached to the support functions that actively contribute to overall results.

For example, Building Maintenance and Security plays a key role. It ensures the proper functioning of Chatelain technical installations, the cleanliness of the premises and the safety of goods, as well as well-being of our employees..​

Finance and Accounting ensures the financial management of the company. Management control provides key indicators of performance. This data lends support to strategic decisions. These activities require a comprehensive vision of flows and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).


The primary function of the IT Department is to ensure that the computer network runs smoothly. The IT team remains alert to cutting edge technological breakthroughs that could improve the work of colleagues.

The Human Resources (HR) Department is linked directly to all departments. HR specialists manage recruitment, work schedules, salaries, personnel administration as well as training and apprenticeships.

Our Receptionists are essential in company coordination. Effective communicators, they first serve our visitors by courteous manners that reflect the superior quality of G&F Chatelain. They respond to inquiries and direct visitors appropriately.