Whether for the movement or the casing, teams of engineers, technicians and watchmakers strive to satisfy to satisfy the designer's plan, taking into account all the requirements for the manufacture of high-quality watches. From the very first sketch of our Design Studio, development teams bring a new watch to life. The next steps include making 3D models and prototypes. 

After the first qualifications are met, the product is manufactured. Homologation is then finalized, and production may begin.

Product managers receive clients and review their specification proposals, including feasibility, deadlines and costs. A project manager then forms a team which ensures the timely development at each stage. From design to production, the product manager assures that milestones are met

Meeting milestones demands close collaboration with departments such as purchasing, methods and quality. The technical department conceives products that meet quality, reliability, technique, as well as the cost and deadlines set out in the specifications. Positioned at the heart of the product teams, designers are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and provide their expertise from the very start.

Next, prototypists create the model that allows the customer to get a realistic image of the product. Experienced engineers and prototypists use state-of-the-art tools and continually they analyse the production process with the Methods Department.

The Department of Methodology plays a key role in the development of new products and production phases. Our methodology experts take part from the very beginning by participating in milestone validation and by defining the manufacturing routes. They elaborate machining, finishing and assembly processes; the time allocated for each step reflects the cost, optimizing price, quality and delivery ratio.

Methodology guarantees the technical database and the Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM). IT also includes the industrialization division of production designers and tooling experts.


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